Saturday, 24 November 2012

Caught up ...finally

Hi there well here I am with the last post to bring me up to date. 
Hopefully I can keep on track and keep posting on a monthly basis from now on. 
Anyway here's a mix mash of photos taken over September/ October

Murray river at Mungabareena Reserve



Saturday, 3 November 2012

September Retreat

 In September I went to a scrapbooking retreat while Steve was in respite.

It was held out at the Hume Weir and had a lovely time, both scrapping and just enjoying the view and seeing so much water back in the lake.

Here a just a few photos taken that weekend.

 We held a girls night in on the Saturday night as a fundraiser for women's cancer

                    My Scrapping area

Beth and I outside our cabin.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

From Our Yard

Here's a few photos taken where we live.

The 2 photos of the kookaburras were taken over our back fence where they were having a break on neighbour Sandy's TV aerial.

Managed to get them so close up thanks to my new camera which I am loving.

Took this photo on dusk from my driveway.

Loved the storminess of the cloud band sitting in front of the setting sun.
 I am experimenting with night shots of Wodonga from my street.

These are my early attempts, stay tuned for better efforts - I am determined to master this!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Late July and August photos

 Well here I am again catching up for my tardiness on posting photos.

This one was taken in June when we visited Steve after I had my hand done.

I wasn't too happy having a half cast on it for a couple of weeks.

Steve was at Tallangatta hospital till I could look after him again so we went out whenever we could to visit.

This photo of Chris (who came to look after me) and I was taken the day we took time out and went to the beauty parlour for the day. 

Had a great time .

This is the before photo. 

We didn't take an after photo we were too busy looking beautiful. Lol.

Back out at Tallangatta visiting Steve  I took this photo in the dining room where we spent most of our time ... it had a lovely outlook onto the water.

As usual Steve was enjoying a coffee.

Not the best photo of Steve and Chris but was all I got.


This photo was taken in Mid August when we went to the church to see Tyson and Shelley get married.

It was a beautiful wedding but a freezing cold day.

We waited till we got home and got Bec to take this photo of us.

June in Wodonga


Well this is a very late June post but started it way back then.
Didn't take many photos in June  as I had my hand operated on but did manage these few of kitchen adventures.

I bought a pasta maker which is fun and makes a lovely pasta.... didn't think about the fact that I couldn't knead dough for a few months afterwards. Anyway we'll be back into home made pasta now my hand has healed.

Every now and then Steve comes up with a "brilliant" food idea based on what he's been watching on TV. 
He was very insistent that i bake Gary Meaghan's Quiche Lorraine after they cooked it on Masterchef.  
Had to go and buy a dish to do it in but even that didn't stop him insisting on it. 

It probably would have failed in the presentation stakes but it was certainly great in the eating stakes.

Monday, 2 July 2012

May 2012

Hi All
Am well into June ...oops into July now and not posted May's photos so here goes.....

I don't think there's too many as can't remember doing much in May.

John and Linda at the club ... we went to Beatles night, great band from Melbourne.

 These three photos were take at the old stock bridge on Wodonga Creek.

In my respite time I am trying to get out and about and take some  photos whilst exploring the area a bit more.

I had a bit of fun photo manipulating the one of the bridge for a totally different look will appear sometime soon on my Scrapping blog.

This is a bad photo but the only one we got on John's 75th birthday. Went out to the club for dinner. Twas a huge day for Steve as we had lunch out as well with friends Heather, Loui and Ann. Luckily the band at the club was fantastic that night so it kept Steve awake.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

April 2012

Well another month has flown by so here's the photo update of this month.
It's been a quiet month in may ways with a couple of busy days chucked in here and there. 
We spent a quiet week before Easter in preparation for a trip to Broadford to Steve's sister Chris and Johns place for his Dad's 80th birthday. 
Though this was a wonderful day the travel exhausts Steve so much that the rest of this month has been very quiet while he recovers.

Family group photo 

The cake

Steve & I

My brother David, Franca and boys called in Easter Monday on their way home from Sydney.... can't believe I didn't take a photo of them but am guessing it was because we all chatted too much and just plain forgot.

Though I went, Steve didn't get to Bec and Nathan's annual birthday dinner out as 
he was too exhausted  -  Bec did visit on her actual birthday and have dinner with us 
at home which was nice. 

This year we went to the Blazing Stump Hotel which was a lovely meal and a fun night out.

Caidence came  from Bendigo to Jerilderie then across to here with Granny Janet to go out with Aunty Bec and Uncle Nathan.

Nathan, Janet and Bec


We had a night out at the Club for dinner with John and his sister Linda (out visiting from England) on her birthday. Great night with lots of fun, good music and laughter.

John and Linda
Steve and Linda

Me and Linda

I have been spending a bit of quiet time down on the Murray river at Noriel park and getting used to what I can do with my new camera. the area is beautiful at this time of year with the colours changing.

Loved this simple shot but then found some new things Ican do on the computer to change photos and came up with the photo on the right. I can't wait to scrapbook this one.

The autumn days have been beautiful so we managed to head out and have lunch at the Hume weir one day last week and watch the world go by.... 

Whenever we are out at the weir we try to take a photo of this tree as it shows the changes in the water levels between visits.